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Upgrade a dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server on Linux

If you have used my setup instructions to install a new dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server you need to know how to update it once in a while. Upgrading is easy but can be tricky. You need to backup and restore a few files before you replace old files with a new package. Let’s get started.

Stop the current running server

sudo systemctl stop bedrock.service

Backup important files

Before we update any files we will update some important files that need to be restored afterwards. Execute the following commands to make backups of the most important files:

sudo cp /opt/bedrock/ /opt/bedrock/
sudo cp /opt/bedrock/allowlist.json /opt/bedrock/allowlist.json.bak
sudo cp /opt/bedrock/permissions.json /opt/bedrock/permissions.json.bak

Get the latest version and update it

Download the Minecraft Bedrock server package for Linux

The only place where you need to find the dedicated server package is here:

Go to that page and copy the URL behind the Download button

Paste that URL in the following command:


The file will be downloaded to your home profile folder.

Unzip the dedicated server package to the ‘/opt/bedrock’ folder:

sudo unzip -d /opt/bedrock

Answer with [A] all to replace any duplicate files.

Restore the important files

Now we will move the backup files back into place:

sudo mv /opt/bedrock/ /opt/bedrock/
sudo mv /opt/bedrock/allowlist.json.bak /opt/bedrock/allowlist.json
sudo mv /opt/bedrock/permissions.json.bak /opt/bedrock/permissions.json

Set ownership

Reset the ownership back to the Minecraft user:

sudo chown minecraft:minecraft /opt/bedrock -R

Start the dedicated server

sudo systemctl start bedrock.service

And we are done. Check if your server is running with:

sudo systemctl status bedrock.service

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