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Fix for GoPro 4 Black with Zenmuse Gimbal H3-3D

When I bought my Phantom 2 with Zenmuse gimbal H3-3D I was left with the decision to buy a GoPro Hero 3 or 4. The new Hero 4 was only 1 month old but I couldn’t find any information about a working GoPro 4 Hero and the older Zenmuse H3-3D.

I waited until there was more information and yes in a few days solutions where popping up on YouTube where ppl were grinding off metal with a Dremel. WHAT? Yes, grinding off metal…..

That could not be the only solution. Finally I made my decision and bought a GoPro 4 Hero Black and tried it with my H3-3D gimbal. No problem in the first place but there was a little change the WiFi button would be pressed. I decided to us some adhesive tape to make a little more room between the GoPro and the body of the H3-3D and until now it works like a charm. I created a short movie you can check out how to….not grind your Gimbal.

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