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Cryptomonitor me

Keeping track of your CryptoCoins investments is difficult enough with all those tools and apps. I’ve tried a lot, but they don’t match what I want. Important requirements: Free, no advertising and alert me when a certain profit level is reached via Telegram App. Only one option remained and that is making it myself. The version you see below is my native PHP webapp. Currently I am rebuilding all of it in Laravel with more options and functionality.

Het dashboard van al je running pairs (sets) met daaronder je resultaten van je verkochte pairs.

The monitor reads only one crypto exchange and that is Binance’s. You enter a trade and immediately set an alarm level. The monitor keeps track of this transaction and shows you immediately what the current profit rate does for that one purchase. This way you can decide to sell the purchase if there is a profit. I assume that you also will sell every purchase sooner or later. In the above example you see the running pairs (trade).

The profit trap level responds to the current market prices. If the profit percentage exceeds your trap level, messages will be sent to your (optional) linked Telegram account.

I also wanted to see the current state of my portfolio without accessing the website. That is possible with the Telegram bot. You can enter various commands in the Telegram bot such as /status. This shows you the running sets. /details shows you all the trades per set as on the website.

Actuele status opvragen via Telegram Bot

The basic functionality is there but everything can be added. Such as:

  • Monitor that gives an alarm at a certain price achieved
  • Monitor that, for example, gives an alarm in the event of a sudden drop of 5%
  • Can remove the sold trades

Important to know:

  • Crypto Monitor is a monitor and not a buy or sell bot!
  • It is an administrative tool in which you record, track and possibly delete your purchase and sale transactions if you wish;
  • No Binance APIs, Wallet IDs, private keys, public keys and e-mail addresses are requested and / or kept;
  • The only thing you know is a self-selected login name, (encrypted) password and your Telegram ID.

Try out? Let me know what you think.